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    NEOS Colse Enfoques en noviembre de 2013 En el momento de publicar hay 4 NEOs con un LD de 10 o menos, el número de NEOs descubiertos este mes seguramente incerease! También espero que habrá muchos eventos grandes bolas de fuego, estar listo y observador y tener sus cámaras listas! Hay cuatro más de 1 kilometro de diámetro, pero todos están a salvo de pasar. Espero que habrá campos de escombros viaje por delante y por detrás de estos cuerpos más grandes, así que prepárate para la acción! Ciertamente estoy contento de que los pequeños tamaños de montaña no están más cerca!

    bola de fuego octubre 2013

    The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 2013

    Asteroid DNA: Chelyabinsk fireball left fascinating traces …               Asteroid   DNA: Chelyabinsk fireball left … your average incoming asteroid or   comet fragment … what experts call a meteor: wrong. A true …
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    October meteor shower 2013: Orionid peak time tonight: best view in …
    ChristianToday                 The Orionid meteor shower will be peaking tonight and   will continue on until Monday morning. The fireballs will be peaking   around 2 a.m. t 5 a.m. for on Monday, …
    Orionids Meteor Shower Tonight: Shower Peaks on Oct. 20
    The Epoch Times                 The Orionids Meteor Shower peaks tonight, Oct. 20,   and is also expected to have a … The peakmeteor count is about 20   meteors per hour, in moonless skies.
    Stargazers get ready for two meteor showers
    Times of India                 AHMEDABAD: October and November will be a treat for   astronomy aficionados in the city. While twometeor showers are scheduled   this week and …
    Orionid Meteor Shower Scheduled for Predawn Hours of October …                 The Orionid meteor shower arrives this month, October.   The celestial spectacle is so named because the shower radiates from the   region of the sky that is north
    Orionids Meteor Shower 2013 Watch Live Streaming Online                 The   Orionids Meteor Shower 2013 will have it’s peak on October 20-21, 2013   and can be seen Live Streaming Online for via Slooh for the 2013 Annual   Orionids ……/orionids-mete…



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    Last week, European scientists released their study of the fragments recovered following the Russian fireball on February 15 this year. That daylight explosion was the largest extraterrestrial body impacting the Earth since the Tunguska event of 1908.

    The airburst of this 60-foot-wide asteroid caused broken windows and partial building collapses in the city of Chelyabinsk, and a thousand injuries from flying glass. Its burst released an energy equal to 440 kilotons: the same as about 25 Hiroshima bombs. Good thing it burst so high up, 14½ miles in the air. Had it been lower – like the half-mile height of the detonation of the actual Hiroshima bomb – it would have utterly obliterated Chelyabinsk.

    Happily, such large asteroids collide with Earth only about once a century.

    People in our listening area periodically observe bright fireballs, which always seem closer than their true 70-mile distance. Actually, your average incoming asteroid or comet fragment weighs less than a gram, has the size of a raisin or even an appleseed and creates a “meteor” streak lasting one to three seconds.

    A fireball or bolide is much larger, perhaps the size of a grape, and it’s bright enough to cast shadows. Very cool; but still, nearly all of these burn to dust and never make it to the ground. Their scarcity is revealed by the simple fact that only 11 meteorites have been found in the entire history of New York State. Just one has been found in Massachusetts, and none ever in Vermont. So, chances are that weird, heavy stone you found in your driveway is what experts call a meteor: wrong.

    A true meteorite is usually black, will pull on a magnet and usually has gentle rounded dimples that look like thumbprints in clay. If you don’t see all three telltale signs on that rock that you’ve been wondering about, it’s almost surely not from space. Industrial slag, with its sharply edged pocked or cratered surface, produces a lot of false extraterrestrial assumptions.

    By amazing coincidence, this Russian airburst of February 15 arrived the very same day that a separate asteroid – 2012 DA14 – skimmed past our world, closer even than our geostationary satellites.

    The Russian fireball event created valuable meteorite fragments of silicate materials. Their analysis, just released last week, shows that this asteroid had undergone several previous space collisions with other asteroids that had turned it black. Its encounter with Earth was apparently just its final violence in a long, brutal history.

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